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2016 Archive

Dec 03

Somebody was feeling playful, for the first time in a while! (Had some boughts of throwing up for a few/several days. I can’t remember how many, because I didn’t get whole lots of sleep during said time.) *** Trigger Warning: Disgusting Descriptions *** She was throwing up water and bile spontaneously here and there — […]

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Nov 26

  Slept in an actual bedroom last night! Now that the floors have been sealed and painted, The Effer and I are no longer camping in the living room. Yay!

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Nov 24

On the menu is beef liver, ground beef, peas, green beans, kale, spinach, butternut squash, pear, apple, blueberry, yogurt, flax meal, fish oil. And, oh, I just realized that I forgot to mix in the pumpkin puree. (Meh. Tomorrow.) You can see the fine culinary achievement in the photo, above. It looks, um, appetizing? She […]

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Nov 18

Who’s ready for chemo?!?! Erm.. Uh.. Meh.. Eff it.. Let’s do it!! <3 That was two mornings ago, on the way to the first chemo treatment. Happy-go-lucky and plucky, as always. We were told that the third or so day can be rough, so I’m working from home today. That way she can rest at […]

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Nov 13

Someone received a package of handmade goods from Grandma! (Lot’s more to write soon. But wanted to upload pictures ASAP. Thanks!)

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