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Nov 02

Thank you, everyone, for the lovely words and kind wishes.

C and I would also like to make sure to say that we do not want to receive cards or flowers. Please please do not send them. Please. Truly truly.

If you insist on some additional gesture, beyond your beautiful thoughts and prayers, you can make a donation to either of the two following nonprofits, below.

Love and hugs and warm thanks. /C+M

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  1. benny55
    4:24 pm - 11-2-2018

    Such a beautiful affirming way to pay tribute to this sweet Soul named Effie💖 Her eternal energy shall continue on touching lives with your kind way of honoring her.

    Yes indeed, Effie’ s life matters and she will continue to make a difference here. A bright light like hers can NEVER be distinguished.

    Have a peaceful trip back home Effie. Send C+M a sign when you get there so they’ll know you arrived without a hitch. Of course, you’ll be so busy at first frolicking pain free and eating feast after feast, it may take you awhile before you have rime to send them a sign!

    With love
    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  2. admin
    4:34 pm - 11-2-2018

    Bless you for this kind gesture. On behalf of Tripawds and their people everywhere, Thank You!

  3. Michelle
    1:40 am - 11-4-2018

    Iam so sorry to hear about Effie. My thoughts and prayers are being sent to you as you start this tough part of your journey. Watch for her signs she will give them to you.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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