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Nov 02


We picked her up at 5:30, after getting the all-clear from the doctor. The amputation went well, no complications. Before leaving, we scheduled a consultation with the oncologist for two weeks out, to discuss the first round of chemo. We were told that she was eating and drinking normally earlier today, although she had some trouble keeping things down. The doctor added an antimimetic to the list of Rxs to help with the nausea. She fell asleep almost immediately after getting into the car. (Consequently, the harness was instrumental in getting her into the house.) She is pretty doped up, and sleeping soundly — chasing dream-squirrels, her three paws twitching away.

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  1. Effie's grampa
    12:01 am - 11-3-2016

    Get better girl. You’ve dealt with worse before.


  2. Lyssa
    12:04 am - 11-3-2016

    Sadie is happy to see her pal Effie doing so well after surgery! She was awful worried! Sending ruff-ruff’s and arrooo’s her way to feel better 🙂

  3. Michael
    12:38 am - 11-3-2016

    Sweet dreams and get well soon Effie!

  4. Terry
    1:13 am - 11-3-2016

    You’re a real Trooper, Effie. Pippin and Mulligan send their best wishes for recovery and look forward to challenging you in another round of tug-o-war.
    Puppy Kisses <3

  5. superkylie
    3:22 am - 11-3-2016

    ahhh sleep well! and welcome home! xox

  6. benny55
    3:27 am - 11-3-2016

    Okay, I must have missed the first post. But from the comments I can see that this beautiful girl is named Effie and is loved by many!!

    Add the Trioawd Nation to the love fest list! What a sweetheart! 🙂

    A d WOW! You picked her up same day as surgery! That’s hard!! But clearly Effie looks like her pain is managed for now, so that’s good.

    Would love to hear more about this beauty when you have time.

    Recovery is no picnic,so let us know how we can help.


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • TripawdEffie
      2:59 pm - 11-4-2016

      Morning, Sally et al! We brought her home the day after, which I now realize is not-at-all clear from the post. Thank you for reaching out with your encouragement and support. We will take you up on that! Love and hugs and blessings..

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