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Nov 06


Effie hasn’t a thing to wear. What’s a girl to do?

Improvise, of course.

But wait.. I’ll back up..

The post-op instructions specified that she needs to wear either a t-shirt or The Cone of Shame, until the sutures heal. The t-shirt is definitely the preferred option, but we have had a ridiculous time trying to get it to stay on. Myself, C, and doggie-daycare staff have all tried some combination of shirt-tying and safety pins, but no dice.


We put our heads together — me and The Effer — and we came up with a somewhat creative solution for her fashion conundrum: A plain black camisole with both armstraps over her left shoulder, and then both tied to the extra width in a bow.

Here’s to hoping that this can serve to protect her sutures AND stay on while walking and sleeping. (Tall order, I know!)


Later, fashion feinds!



8 comments so far

  1. Terry
    8:11 pm - 11-6-2016

    She looks absolutely marvelous in her new fashion statement! Thanks for the shoulder-bow idea … I will incorporate it into the new coat design.

  2. otisandtess
    9:00 pm - 11-6-2016

    Very fashionable, trend-setting even!

  3. superkylie
    2:09 am - 11-7-2016

    OH Effie girl you are stylin! Great idea Mum! 🙂

  4. Michelle
    2:35 am - 11-7-2016

    great fashion wardrobe. 🙂

  5. izzysmomma
    3:38 am - 11-7-2016

    Love that face!

  6. benny55
    5:02 am - 11-7-2016

    EFFIE! I am head over heels in love with you!! OMD! That first close-up photo with your beautiful eyes looking into our Souls..oh my! Melting my heart!!

    You look absolutely stunning in your “lingerie”! And you look like you are quite proud too!

    Mom, you did a brilliant job!

    Thanks for the smiles!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. Effie's Grampa
    2:32 pm - 11-7-2016

    She’s looking great! And a novel solution to the problem. Keep us posted, as we know she’s a verrry active girl.

    On the other hand, from her expression I’m not sure she’s convinced this is a good fashion statement.

    Can’t wait to see her in action.

    Tell her Boozer says hi! I think he recognizes her pictures.

  8. jerry
    11:52 pm - 11-13-2016

    She’s a Tripawd Fashionista! Love it!

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